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Applied Machine Learning Engineer at Amenity
New York City, NY, US
The Applied Machine Learning Engineer will be part of the core NLP data science team and will support the head of Text-AI in analyzing business issues/opportunities and solving them through integration of Machine Learning algorithms. This position will bring analytical rigor and statistical methods to improve our core products, customer experience, and platform efficiency:
We are looking to combine cutting edge machine learning techniques with the company’s unique data assets to optimize our insight extraction and delivery. In this role, you will be part of our world-class NLP team, and advance leading cutting-edge business ready applications ranging from NLP, NLG, NLQ, TF-IDF (or similar algos), and automatic summarization. Our work spans the company’s lines of business, with exceptional opportunities in each.
The successful candidate will develop new machine learning methods tailored to financial textual applications such as intelligent searching, information alerting, trend analysis, topic targeting, contextual event correlation, entity relational analysis, event detection and contextual analysis of financial information. Machine learning techniques will include supervised, unsupervised, deep learning, and other algorithms related to NLP. In addition to using and adapting existing models, you will be expected to develop new techniques especially suited to financial and business applications. The candidate will help in the identification and solution of new problem areas.
We are looking for an ML engineer who enjoys going deep into the technical details to build innovative products and solutions. You have a sense of ownership, responsible for your work from end-to-end, and you have a knack from coming up with creative solutions to complex problems. If you’re keen to work on real-world challenges with some of the most talented NLP engineers in the world, we’d love to hear from you.

Key Responsibilities

    • Lead the creation of scalable machine learning and deep learning capabilities to solve real-world problems in areas such as NLP (TF-IDF, Word2Vec), NLG, NLQ, Clustering Algorithms, Topic Modeling, neural networks and deep learning.
    •         Structure and manage projects or programs to deliver the book of work, including creation of an effective roadmap towards the deployment of a production-level machine learning application
    •         Partner and collaborate with Data Scientists, and Business Stakeholders in developing machine learning applications and capabilities in order to achieve project goals.
    •         Design, build and integrate machine learning systems that solve difficult problems
    •         Implement machine learning algorithms in horizontally scalable environments and in cloud (AWS, Google Cloud)
    •         Write, test and maintain production-quality Python (strongly preferred), Java (less preferred) code and other mainstream languages


    •         M.S. or PHD in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Statistics, Mathematics, Data Science, or related discipline
    •         Hands-on experience using Machine Learning/NLP frameworks to build, validate, test and deploy models
    •         A working knowledge of Spark/Hadop, TensorFlow/Theano/Torch or other framework for deep learning
    •         4+ years of relevant Industry or Academic Experience
    •         At least 3 years’ professional experience in building machine learning and AI solutions
    •         Knowledge of Distributed Systems, Databases: SQL
    •         Ability to take the various data analytics approaches and finding appropriate applications (e.g., aggregation and reporting, anomaly detection, prediction, natural language processing and auto decision making)
    •         Must have strong problem-solving skills and be curious, hardworking and detail-oriented, and motivated by complex analytical problems and genuinely interested in data analytics
    •         Well-structured and organized in project or program execution and management
    •         Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to communicate complex technical concepts and solutions to all levels of the organization
    •         Financial/Investment/Business knowledge (preferred) 
Amenity Analytics utilizes proprietary natural language processing technology and cutting edge machine learning techniques to empower today's most dynamic organizations to extract insights and signals hidden in text.  With the flexibility to analyze news, social media, regulatory filings, research reports and more, we can transform information overload into concrete insights and actionable intelligence.