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Web Developer - NYC at Movable Ink
New York City, NY, US

At Movable Ink we're designing the next generation of enterprise workflow tools that allow marketers to combine data and creative at scale. We craft our product with care, and take the same approach with our external-facing digital properties. We’re looking for a web developer that can help us build creative, responsive, and innovative experiences across all of Movable Ink’s digital touch points.

Fast forward one year. Here's what you'll have accomplished at Movable Ink:

  • Content is a cornerstone of digital experiences. You lead the way in standing up our new headless CMS, establishing microservices and APIs that power how Movable Ink’s content is used across the interweb. Your knowledge of industry best practices helped to identify a front-end framework to integrate with the CMS that scaled with our needs and delivered fast, engaging experiences. Our marketing team is chuffed by how fast they can create highly customized pages without additional help from engineers, and the analytics insights we get from our content is light years ahead of where it was when you first joined.
  • You elevated Movable Ink’s entire email program by operationalizing and standardizing how we design and build emails. From events, to newsletters, to feature announcements, we have a lot of emails in our pipeline. You took the time to craft modern, responsive templates and integrated them into our marketing stack. Our marketing team is extra chuffed by how fast they can create beautiful emails without additional help from engineers.
  • You integrated Intelligent Content across every digital touchpoint. Movable Ink’s platform creates personalized content at scale. Collaborating closely with marketing and design, you were instrumental in developing personalized touch points across the entire customer journey, developing best in class applications of Intelligent Content.
  • You helped build out our support site, inspiration gallery, and demo sites. You worked with cross-functional teams to integrate content into the headless CMS (where applicable) allowing teams to power projects with APIs and microservices from a central source.
  • As you got to know the ecosystem and the company, you saw opportunities for new and innovative digital solutions and made them happen. Your prototypes were a great way to show stakeholders the power of your vision, and you’ve created digital experiences we never even dreamed of.
  • Your knack for the details of design and user experience was evident in the clean execution of interactions and interfaces. That extra bit of polish and the attention to detail created best-in-class experiences. The design system you crafted has made it easy for teams across the company to follow brand-standards and best practices when creating new interfaces and content. You built out a front-end tooling system and established best-practices across all the properties in your domain.

And that was just year one! Year two we’re going to do even bigger things…

In the past you have:

  • Shipped. This is not your first rodeo.
  • Worked in collaborative, cross-functional team environments.
  • Effectively used a range of prototypes to test and validate ideas.

It would be amazing if:

  • You’ve worked with headless CMS’ in the past
  • You love spinning up side projects because there are things you just want to exist in this world.