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Non Destructive Test (NDT) Engineer at Joby Aviation
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Joby Aviation is seeking a passionate individual to join our Airframe engineering team. We are building and certifying an advanced composite airframe for use in on-demand passenger transportation. This position is responsible for development, qualification, and implementing the production system for inspecting carbon composite, bonded structures, and other advanced composite structures using ultrasonic, thermography, and other state of art methods. This is an opportunity to develop a complete system including influencing structural design, fabrication methods, and operational support of a new aircraft. Hands-on experience and a “get it done" attitude are very important for this position. This position is rewarding, as the engineer will promptly see their ideas grow from concept to creation due to the fast pace of Joby Aviation.

Responsibilities and Duties:

·       Using first principles, mathematics, and data analysis techniques to develop NDT technologies and solve problems that enable unprecedented use of complex composite and printed structures. 
·       Develop and implement inspection procedures and equipment.
·       Create and manage system of data analysis, interpretation, validation, and documentation for composite parts and assemblies. 
·       Work with the design engineering, testing, and QA teams to create robust inspection processes that have the right level of resolution for the application, acceptable process throughput, and can be accomplished consistently by the QA department in serial production. 
·       Source inspection equipment and work with suppliers to build inspection capability needed to support aggressive production rates. 
·       Be a team leader that provides cross functional project management capability and ensures that underlying science drives the inspection process standards.
·       Develop business processes to integrate QA data with the PLM/MES systems to capture inspection results and test reports against design data.

Qualifications and Skills:

·       Bachelor of Science in Physics or appropriate Engineering discipline. Masters preferred. 
·       4+ year experience in developing and applying non-destructive inspection and testing practice to laminated advanced composite structures. 
·       Strong understanding of composite processing defects, including linkage of defects to structural performance. 
·       Desire to develop a holistic system to characterize manufacturing process outcome to create safe, economical aircraft structures at high production rates. 
·       ASNT Level III certification, or ability to get it in six months.