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Operations Software Engineer at Joby Aviation
Santa Cruz, CA, US

This position is focused on designing and coding solutions to help Joby Aviation build out and scale up  test, production, and flight operations. Candidate is comfortable designing, implementing and using APIs, databases and infrastructure-as-code tools in rapidly evolving production deployments to further business goals. Deep experience with Linux, Python development, and Cloud managed services, deployments, and production operations is essential. Candidate will apply these skills to managing local sources of data, message queue integrations, and developing the overall flow of data and messages across Joby’s enterprise operations.

This position is with the Joby Aviation Software team.
  • Minimum 7 years of successful execution of software engineering projects
  • Python development for deployment on Linux systems
  • Experience developing for and deployment on Cloud services such AWS
  • Familiarity with infrastructure-as-code using tools like Terraform or CloudFormation
  • Experience with traditional and distributed data stores, relational and time-series databases
  • Knowledge of data analytics and architecture using message queues to collect, analyze, and archive manufacturing, test, and operational data streams using MQTT, SQS, or similar.
  • Comfortable with Networking principles, DNS, and Web