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Ground Station Operator at Joby Aviation
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Principal responsibilities will be interacting with and monitoring mission- and test-critical aircraft telemetry, plots, and data during ground and flight tests of UAS/OPV aircraft. You will work closely with the test pilot in operation of the aircraft and must excel at crew resource management and division of attention, as well as communication and decision making in a complex and time-sensitive environment. Additional tasks include assisting the test pilot with gains tuning, controls feature implementation and testing, risk assessment and mitigation, flight logs and video analysis and organization, pre- and post-flight records keeping, decoding METAR, reading FAA aeronautical charts, communicating on the radio with ATC, following, and authoring checklists, etc. This is a full time role, and may require occasional travel.

FAA Pilot certificate a plus
RC/UAS/OPV experience
Flight operations or ground station experience
FAA written test or equivalent knowledge of aircraft, operations, airspace, and communication
Skilled at CRM
B.S. in aviation, aerospace, computer science, engineering, or equivalent practical experience

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