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Automation Engineer at Synthego
Redwood City, CA, US

We are looking for a highly motivated individual who will work cross-functionally with the Screening Development team to develop and execute gene-editing experiments in mammalian and primary cell lines.  


Synthego’s Screening Development team performs science-at-scale by applying their expertise and skill sets to drive research and business development.  Roughly, 20% of your time will be spent with your colleagues on the Automation team, 15% time will be spent with the Research group, and the remaining 65% of time will be spent with the Screening Development Team.  


The Automation Engineer will be heavily involved in new process and product development and current product improvements, taking on both the scientific challenges of process launches and characterization, as well as key project coordination responsibilities.

What You’ll Do

·         Create and test automated solutions, improving our screening processes or helping to introduce new products as needed

·         Be part of a new, growing team (Screening Development) running a new business unit at Synthego

·         Design and execute studies and data gathering exercises with the aim of improving new and existing protocols for use in a high-throughput automated lab

·         Create a broad set of analytical tools/engineering controls and use them to make targeted improvements to automated systems across multiple labs/environments

·         Maintain expertise on alternate methods, techniques and best practices used in the field; routinely benchmark process performance

·         Evaluate critical trade-offs and make decisions on resource requirements and allocations to set high-level initiative goals

·         Handle multiple projects, seeing obvious overlaps to make the implementation process more efficient and standardized

·         Gather requirements create specifications, and document appropriately

·         Assist in the software integration of the products and protocols you develop: In a large-scale, distributed, fully-automated genome factory, centralization of data is critical

About You

·         Bachelors or Masters degree (preferred) in a Biological / Life Science field

·         5 + years of experience investigating, developing, and implementing laboratory automation or manufacturing processes

·         Hands-on experience with a broad range of lab automation (3+ years preferred); some experience with Hamilton Microlab Star / Venus is required.

·         Air gaps, aspiration speeds, and general discussions surrounding the dark arts of liquid handling are familiar friends - Hamilton, Tecans, or Beckmans; you’ve tamed them all

·         You understand how important robust qualifications are to the life-cycle of a product - IQ/OQ/PQ aren’t just letters, they are a way of life

·         Biology, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, Software, or Process Design - you can follow a broad range of disciplines, and know-how to spot the gaps between them

·         Experience integrating laboratory equipment into laboratory information management systems (LIMS)

·         You can analyze data from a variety of sources (machines/databases/people) and draw insightful conclusions in order to assist others

·         You are comfortable in a range of software packages to perform modeling/analysis (Python preferred)

·         Multiple, medium-sized (quarter-long) projects running at the same time is something you are used to, both as an individual contributor and as project coordinator, and you’re looking to take on more

·         You have the ability to work diligently with minimal supervision and take initiative to drive project deadlines

·         You are meticulous in capturing goals, to-dos, and decisions made for yourself and those around you

·         You can work independently but consider yourself to be a team player

Nice to Have

·         Depth of experience creating methods for Hamilton STARs

·         Project management experience

·         Experience and knowledge with cell culture techniques (adherent and suspension)

·         Experience with automated cell handling is a further plus



Synthego’s vision is to turn biology into an information science, with the ultimate goal of dramatically extending the healthy human lifespan.


Synthego builds advanced bioinformatics and automated hardware platforms to create next-generation molecular biology tools, starting with full-stack genome engineering.


These world-class tools accelerate basic scientific discovery, critical disease cures and novel synthetic biology applications to improve and prolong life.