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Java Distributed Systems Software Engineer with AI Focus at Cloudian
San Mateo, CA, US




  1. Design, develop, test, and support S3 API enhancements for advanced query capabilities (e.g., S3 SELECT). This is core server development in Java using distributed systems techniques.
  2. Create a new product HyperStore Analytics Platform (HAP) that combines HyperStore with open-source software packages like Apache Spark and TensorFlow.
  3. Integrate 3rd-party software like image recognition to add metadata to existing stored data.


  1. Java server-side development experience.  Must have minimum of 2 years of production Java server-side development experience, including unit testing of own code.   “Production” means that the code is in use by external 3rd parties. Must be able to demonstrate ability to quickly write clean Java code and the associated tests.
  2. Programming experience using external SDKs or libraries for machine learning or stream processing.  Ideally, this would be something like Spark or Kafka. Must be able to describe in deep technical detail what this experience was.
  3. Technical troubleshooting experience with performance/scalability.  Must have experience debugging complex software problems to resolve or improve performance/scalability. Must be able to describe your work to resolve such a specific complex issue.
  4. Standard development environment experience required like Linux, git, test-driven development, JIRA, unit testing.
  5. Desirable: Experience with scale-out distributed server systems, enterprise storage software, AI/ML.