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Software Engineer - Windows at Bromium
Cambridge, GB

Bromium are looking for an experienced, hands-on Software Developer to join our engineering team in Cambridge. Our security product is based on micro-virtualization and you will be working on solving some challenging problems in letting our customers get the most out of our nifty yet secure micro-virtual machines. We support running complex Windows applications inside micro VMs and the role includes making them work as seamlessly as possible. You will often be required to put your security hat on while doing code reviews or designing a new feature. Your code will be expected to interoperate well with other popular Windows software and improve the performance of the product whenever possible.  


We follow a bring-your-own-tools policy so you will be free to use whichever IDE, debugger, hex editor, etc. you are comfortable with.  


Job Responsibilities:  

* Develop and maintain core product features  

* Ensure suitable automated test coverage for components you maintain  


Job Requirements:  

* Experience with development on the Windows platform  

* Proven programming experience in C or C++  

* Ability to work in a fast-paced environment  

* Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent  


The following skills and attributes are a plus:  

* Familiarity with Windows Internals  

* Familiarity with Windows file system filter drivers  

* Reverse engineering  

* An interest in security  


Company Overview:  

Bromium was founded in 2010 with a mission to restore trust in computing. The company’s founders have a long and deep history of innovation in virtualization and security. Inspired by the isolation principles of traditional virtualization, the Bromium team has created a game-changing technology called micro-virtualization to protect end users against advanced malware. Every task the user performs, such as opening a document or clicking on a link, is isolated in its own micro-VM, with access to just the resources required for that task, and existing just for the life of the task. Protection is thus provided through isolation, without relying on detection, hence reliably defending the user from polymorphic and even zero-day malware.   


Bromium was acquired by HP Inc on 19 September 2019. The role will be located at the R&D center in Cambridge, UK.