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Photonic Test Engineer at Ayar Labs
Emeryville, CA, US / Santa Clara, CA, US
Ayar Labs is an early-stage startup company developing cutting-edge optical I/O technology to remove electrical I/O bottlenecks and continue the performance scaling that Moore’s Law enabled until now.  Our team consists of experts in circuit design, integrated photonics, laser engineering, and packaging. 

We are seeking a senior engineer to develop automated tests of:
Optically active InP photonic circuits and Digital CMOS with tightly integrated silicon photonics modulators and receivers

Essential Functions
Independently develop tests to characterize lasers, modulators, and receiver
Design and build automated test platforms to increase throughput for product development
System integration of instruments and optics for photonic wafer probers
Write software as needed to automate instruments and data acquisition, script wafer prober operation, and parameterize raw data.
Collaborate with CMOS designers to specify digital modules to enable optical test.
Test methodology developed must scale up to screen die for high-volume manufacturing
Basic Requirements
  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, or equivalent; or MS + minimum 3 years industry experience in same
  • Expertise developing and implementing electrical and optical characterization of photonic devices
  • Experience with self-directed automation of test, measurement, or experimental setups
Preferred Experience
  • Wafer probers or automated test equipment
  • Characterizing photonics for communication
  • Process development in a manufacturing environment, e.g. statistical process control, gauge R&R, standard operating procedures, out-of-control action plans.
  • Software design best-practices and an interest in developing code with a clean, scalable, and maintainable architecture.
  • Something we haven't thought of? We are looking for motivated and independent candidates who can bring unique expertise to stand up opto-electronic test systems!
​"Principals only. Recruiters, remuneration  for recruiting activities is only applicable subject to a signed and executed agreement between the parties. Please don’t contact our hiring managers."

At Ayar Labs we are lighting up electronics for a brighter future. With our deep ties to MIT and UC Berkeley, and our commitment to hiring the best engineers in photonics and electronics, joining our team gives you the opportunity to collaborate with brilliant people on challenging, paradigm-shifting work. Our optical I/O technology removes the bottlenecks created by today’s electrical I/O, making it possible to continue the computing system performance scaling that Moore’s Law enabled until now. We have a commitment to win big in the marketplace based on the strengths of our technology, and we approach everything with an eye to massive scalability. We believe that deep cross-collaboration between teams facilitated by honest, open debate is the best way to achieve big wins, leveraging our patent portfolio which promises products that deliver orders of magnitude improvements in latency, bandwidth density, and power consumption. We offer a comprehensive benefits plan designed to keep our team healthy and happy.