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Applied Research Scientist - Capital Markets at Element AI
Toronto, CA

Element AI is one of the world’s largest artificial intelligence companies, with a shared goal of using our extensive research to develop AI products and software that will solve some of the most challenging issues facing businesses and society as a whole.

We are founded on the belief that humans should be at the heart of everything we do, and have adopted a people-first and collaborative mindset to ensure we collectively drive real and ethically-sound results.

As an applied research scientist in the Financial Products group at Element AI, you will sit in a cross-functional team with several other people with a diversity of skill sets and you will enjoy a unique opportunity to use your creativity towards applying cutting edge machine learning and operations research methods to problems with significant impact in the financial industry. While doing so you will have access to the best hardware and you will be assisted by a team of IT experts and software developers, to ensure most of your time is spent on core R&D challenges.

What you’ll do

You will be confronted with real-world challenges and datasets, and you will need to use your AI/ML expertise and creativity to apply existing methods and develop new ones to solve these problems in a practical and scalable way. You will be called upon to assess possibilities and provide ideas and input into product design choices. This will involve understanding your customer (internal or external) needs and and translating them into solutions that address those needs.

You will be expected to both do the necessary research to propose appropriate models/techniques and to have the necessary expertise to implement and train the models yourself. Where useful, you will not hesitate to employ classical machine learning methods, but you are enthusiastic at the idea of pushing the boundaries of deep learning and AI.

Finally, you will be expected to embrace the fact that the value of your work is ultimately reflected in the impact it has on the end-customers using our products and to find ways of measuring that impact as an integral part of your mission.

What we’re looking for

You have significant understanding of the underlying theory of machine learning, operations research or related AI field. In the Financial Products group, we are specifically interested in skill sets related to reinforcement learning, dynamic programming, deep learning, time series analysis & forecasting, optimization, simulation, generative models, and similar. This expertise can come from extensive studies, previous industrial experience or awesome self-taught projects you have done on a personal basis. You're also a solid programmer and you're comfortable doing scientific programming as well as product development and do not mind getting your hands dirty in various coding and engineering tasks. This includes embracing modern devops principles to development and working in a setting where code is expected to be shared and peer-reviewed.

You understand that running a model on the varied and often noisy data that arises in a commercial context differs significantly from running it on a clean academic dataset, and that modifying a model or technique to work in that setting can be a significant and sometimes frustrating challenge. You embrace this challenge and may even have previous experience tackling it.

You learn autonomously and will enthusiastically stay up to date in the literature and techniques of your field while participating in the various learning opportunities we offer.

What we offer for your valuable work:

  • Work closely with other AI enthusiasts;
  • Enjoy your work and life harmony;
  • Leave your mark in a thriving industry;
  • Apply your talent to tackling new challenges everyday;
  • Be surprised at how much you will learn;
  • Open and inclusive company culture.