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Senior Product Manager, Creative Tools - NYC at Movable Ink
New York City, NY, US

At Movable Ink we're building a suite of creative tools called Creative Studio that combine data and content at scale, allowing teams to quickly build complex ecosystems of visual creative that can be delivered in any channel. When it comes to creating products we believe that enterprise experiences deserve the craft, care, and delight that have become standard on the consumer side, and we’re looking for people who feel the same.


Fast-forward one year. Here’s what you’ll have accomplished at Movable Ink:

  • You lead the vision and execution of the next generation of visual programming tools (think design toolkits + APIs). Working closely with stakeholders across the organization you quickly understood the business needs, the market, and our customers. You intuitively grasped our persona pipeline from technical to non-technical users (think git -> GitHub -> Github Desktop) and made sure the right product was built for the right person. You empowered Creative Studio’s cross-functional team with the right context to create innovative solutions to complex workflows, with a direct impact on our business.
  • The insights and learnings you gained with Creative Studio extended to Movable Ink’s augmented reality product, which you took on as well. Your product experience and expertise was crucial to knowing when Creative Studio patterns should stay the same and when they needed to diverge to support the unique needs of AR.
  • Your ability to identify and collaborate with stakeholders to define the vision and strategy for Creative Studio has the entire company bought-in. Because you were attuned to what was happening in the market, with competitors, and insights generated through research you were able to deftly identify new opportunities, rally the team, and prioritize accordingly.
  • Our sales and customer experience teams have your back because of your work with product marketing in defining go-to-market strategies, creating demos, supporting sales enablement, and supporting collateral for our customers. Your clear organization and communication around releases created a network of support that quickly pushed new features into the hands of our customers.
  • Our training, documentation, and technical support team love working with you because you were intentional about bringing them into the process and making sure they had the right context and information to create best-in-class training videos and support documentation.
  • You unleashed Studio’s cross-functional team of designers and developers by introducing new ways of working and collaborating. You tirelessly found ways to unblock them and support them in delivering great work.
  • On several occasions people in the office couldn’t find you. Not because you were playing hookie, but because you deeply value getting out of the building and talking to customers. On many of these forays you took research, design, and/or engineering with you because you know how meaningful it is to be close to our customers. You didn’t stop there though - when you got back to the office you made sure to debrief with the team and document your learnings, adding to our growing database of stories and insights.

In the past you have:

  • Shipped. This is not your first rodeo.
  • Worked in collaborative, cross-functional team environments with engineering, design, and research.
  • Gotten involved with web development or coding in some form or another. Professional experience isn’t necessary but technical aptitude is necessary to succeed in this role.

It would be amazing if:

  • You’ve worked in the MarTech space before
  • You have experience in B2B SaaS environments