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Warehouse Worker at ViewSonic
Chino, CA, US

Performs physical or administrative tasks involved in the shipping, receiving, order fulfillment, storing and distributing of supplies, parts and/or finished products.  Assists in the daily workload and/or work flow of other team members in warehouse operations, Shipping, RMA Logistics, or Parts.  Warehouse Worker may be called upon to perform any variety and combination of the listed essential duties.



  • Examines, stocks, and distributes parts, materials, and finished products in and/or out of inventory. 
  • Verifies incoming and outgoing shipments against work orders and specifications. 
  • Verifies orders include correct packaging and labeling.
  • Records weights and shipping charges and prepares goods for final shipment. 
  • Maintains records of received goods and rejects unsatisfactory items. 
  • Prepares and maintains manual and/or electronic records of merchandise shipped or received.  If assigned, may perform data entry of computerized records.
  • Uses electronic systems such as Clarify, Oracle, or Access to retrieve data and record the movement of inventory.  If assigned, may prepare daily shipping and receiving reports and distribute to departments accordingly. 
  • Communicates and assists with the scheduling of trucks and transport companies (e.g., Fed Ex, DHL, APL, etc.) as needed for the pick and delivery of shipments.  
  • Unpacks received goods, checking for damage and accuracy of shipment. 
  • Receives orders and pulls product items from storage to fill orders. 
  • Selects and prepares product items for shipment.  Preparation may include building pallets and shrink wrapping orders in a safe and orderly fashion to prevent possible damage during transport.   
  • Loads, unloads, moves, and stores product items within the warehouse.  May move inbound and/or outbound products by forklift or pallet jack to the designated storage areas.
  • Scans product for shipment to ensure proper inventory of product going out.
  • Performs related functions and responsibilities and works on special projects on occasion as assigned. 
  • Monitoring and request fulfillment of warehouse supplies to ensure proper packing of the shipping orders.




  • Requires High School diploma or equivalent. 
  • Can handle product and equipment safely and sensibly. 
  • PC aptitude is very helpful for assignments requiring input and data retrieval through electronic inventory systems. 
  • Requires basic verbal, and written communication skills for the purpose of communicating via email. 



Environment:   Works in a large, open, well-ventilated warehouse.  May be subject to some variations in temperature, normally not to the extreme.

Physical Effort:    On a regular basis lifts 50 pounds without assistance.  On occasion lifts 70 to 90 pounds with assistance.

Hazards:   Possibility of accidents of a minor nature requiring first aid.