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Sales Engineer | US West Coast at Cloudify
United States of America

If you: are an outside-the-box thinker, have the brains of an architect and the creativity of an artist, embrace change and know how to leverage it for growth... then we have a job for you! The Cloudify Sales Engineer is a senior, customer-facing technical pre-sales role with responsibility for evaluating a customer’s technical IT services, applications, and automation and cloud infrastructure requirements, and then designing comprehensive Cloudify-based solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations. The deliverable is a comprehensive cloud solution design with pricing, which is often part of a broader proposal, typically having defined deadlines for delivery to a customer.


Core Responsibilities

• You will work in parallel across multiple customer engagements, which can be in various stages of maturity and complexity.

• You will work closely with each customer to understand, qualify, design, explain and present the Cloudify solution.

• You will consider the customer’s appetite for risk, ability to transform and adopt change, cost targets and service management expectations by utilizing the continually evolving public, private and hybrid cloud platforms and managed service offerings.

• You will also add value as an important extension to the product and engineering teams.

• Act as a liaison that bridges the market, customer requirements, industry trends and the development of the Cloudify platform.



• The ability to simplify and communicate complex technology to an executive level, both internally and externally.

• A good understanding of cloud models - Public/Private/Hybrid/SaaS/IaaS, and evolving cloud trends.

• A strong understanding of networking concepts.

• Experience with model-driven design and/or modeling languages - TOSCA, YANG, XML, and a declarative approach to technology.

• Familiarity with DevOps & Agile processes.

• Familiarity with the open source landscape and ability to drive open source business models.