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Hybrid HR Business Partner at Tetrate
San Francisco, CA, US

We are seeking a seasoned HR Business Partner to develop and drive a global people strategy and operations program.

“We are seeking a seasoned HR Business Partner to develop and drive a global people strategy and operations program.

This role provides wise counsel (not HR best practices for HR sake) to the business and influence and support strategies to meet company objectives. He/She will embody our culture through their behavior and interactions and be willing to invite and promote constructive feedback.

You will help us:

Tetrate is found on open source ethos. We are made up of people from many paths and places whose collaborations dissolve boundaries of role, culture, location and time zone. We aim to create a company culture and HR programs which promote a community of self-directed Pros. who value independence, responsibility, autonomy and freedom to innovate.

We are an early stage start-up with ambitious hiring plans for the next 12 months. Scaling up requires structure, but we also believe over-optimization is the death knell to long-term innovation. This role serves as a lynchpin for developing a cohesive HR strategy and operation while managing the day-to-day administration.

What you bring:


  • Deeply believe in the idea that customers are the very reason why our business exists and that all programs and strategy for the company grow from this principle. Customers are not limited to those who pay for our services. They are internal and external to the company and all partners we come in contact with every day to help grow Tetrate.
  • Fundamentals-based approach to running a business.
  • Domain expertise and implementation experience in a wide range of human resource programs including technical recruiting, financial operations, payroll, compensation, benefits, accounting, employment contracts (U.S. & International).
  • Involved in organizational transformation from early stage start-up and beyond.
  • Experienced or demonstrate skills for supporting highly distributed environment, time zones and cultures on a global scale.
  • Thrives in formative environments and see it as an opportunity to be creative; challenges status-quo; Penchant for contrarian thinking. 


  • International human resource and employment contracts experience
  • Complete project life cycle experience with design, planning and implementation of a wide range of people operations programs
  • Qualifications aren’t based on years of experience alone, but around 8-10 years of relevant experience is desired.

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