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Data Engineering Lead at Fictiv
San Francisco, CA, US
You’ll have the opportunity to interact with some of the most renowned companies on the planet who make physical products loved by millions. You’ll be working with some of the highest quality and most talented vendors who produce what seems impossible to produce. You’ll be surrounded by a wicked awesome team (think PhDs, Ironmans, artists) who are obsessed with winning the hearts and minds of product engineers and designers who are literally building the future (think autonomous cars)... today.
Engineering at Fictiv
We have an automation driven culture and believe that by leveraging all forms of technology we can enable others to affect change in the world in ways not yet imagined. With a strong bias towards free and open source software, we find and leverage best of breed technologies everywhere we can. We believe in the power of community, and make a concerted effort to contribute back. Engineering for us is a lifelong journey, often more art than pure science, and covered with important milestones along the way, just waiting to be discovered.
WIIFU (What’s in it for you?)
Small team, big impact
Our team is small and agile; as a core member, we will look to you for opinions and contributions that shape our engineering direction, product development practices, team culture, and Fictiv organization as a whole.
Inspiring customers
Our customers work on products that push technological boundaries – from self-driving cars to low-cost water purification systems. They inspire us to develop systems to move faster, build higher quality product, and shape the future of manufacturing.
Change an industry
We have a big vision for what manufacturing should be, and we are determined to make that vision real. You’ll be working with smart, mission driven teammates to create significant change in this industry.
Impact in this Role
Lead the data team to implement new design and architecture for our cross functional data warehouse systems so that we can support and scale our analytics. Manage the technical request for data from the analysts and be a technical lead to a remote team to implement integrations of api data sources into the data warehouse.
You will report to the Chief Architect.

What you’ll be doing

    • Write, test, support necessary integration scripts, job schedules and collaborate with data stakeholders to query and build reports for the business
    • Design and architect new ways of collecting data into the data warehouse; own the stability and integrity of all data collection systems
    • Work with stakeholders to manage appropriate consumption of externally hosted application APIs to balance the needs of back-office systems, data warehouse and ad hoc analysis (access ACL’s, quota management, etc)
    • Lead a team to ensure data integrations are built and supported for back-office systems
    • Collaborate with engineering to ensure changes to event implementations are gracefully handled in the data warehouse
    • Manage the security access to the data warehouse
    • Own the repository of SQL queries that define our common understanding of basic business objects
    • Own any shared data presentation and analysis tools used to access the data warehouse directly for analysis
    • Work with architecture to ensure that changes to domain models are accurately reflected in data schemata
    • Socialize changes to shared data schemata with teams impacted
    • Own the ties between system level logging and data structures

Desired traits

    • Experienced technologist with the ability to dive into technical details if needed
    • You are comfortable with complex data domains, application development, and systems architecture
    • You enjoy working with a diverse group of people who have strong opinions.  You can guide a team towards high quality decisions when they have differing perspectives and ideas
    • You are a clear communicator.  You can provide business context for engineers as well as highlight technical challenges for non-engineers
About Fictiv (
Fictiv is transforming how teams design, develop and deliver the next generation of hardware products.
Fictiv is a manufacturing platform and the most efficient way to fabricate parts. Powered by a distributed network of highly vetted vendors, Fictiv provides the critical infrastructure teams need to streamline prototyping and accelerate development cycles. The online interface makes it easy for customers to get instant quotes, review manufacturing feedback, and manage orders—all through a single service.
We’re actively seeking potential teammates who can bring diverse perspectives and experience to our culture and company. We believe inclusion is the best way to create a strong, empathetic team. Our belief is that the best team is born from an environment that emphasizes respect, honesty, collaboration, and growth.