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Machine Learning Research Internship – 3D Point Cloud at Incontext Solutions
Chicago, IL, US

InContext Solutions provides cutting edge 3D simulations for the shopper insights industry. Using the latest in game technology, our products let users create life-like shopping environments to visualize and test a variety of store concepts. From signage to new product packing, to interactive displays, we allow our users to completely reimagine retail experiences.

About Our Culture & People

Our company is comprised of people who come together to build amazing products for our clients and partners – to do that, we hire forward-thinking individuals (innovators, thought leaders, disruptors, entrepreneurial-spirited folks) who actively want to contribute to our progressive culture.  We live and breathe our five core values and actively recognize our peers when they go out of their way to do right by them.  We #blaze the trail.  We believe #change is absolutely necessary.  We have the #courage to be vocal.  We cultivate #trust through transparency.  We are #unified.

About Our R&D Team

Our recent R&D efforts are focused on automated content creation in 3D using depth cameras and photogrammetry techniques. The auto-generated 3D content is optimized for retail and VR.  The 3D categories include apparel items, shoes, CPG products, etc.


What You Will Be Doing

We are looking for enthusiastic internship candidates who are interested in:

  • Researching large areas/room captures in 3D
  • Analyzing point cloud datasets and developing algorithms for foreground (fixtures/furniture/shelves + noise) and background (walls/doors/windows) segmentation
  • Applying/testing ML models to the problems of 3D point cloud segmentation and semantic labeling


What You Bring to the Table

  • Pursuing a BS/MS in Computer Science with focus in Machine Learning.
  • Proficient in Algorithms and Data Structures and other CS fundamentals
  • Worked extensively on Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning projects,
  • Candidate has experience in prototyping ML solutions in Python utilizing Sklearn, Tensorflow/Keras/Caffe,
  • Basic knowledge of Javascript and Web development
  • Basic GIT and DevOps skills
  • Curiosity and enthusiasm to learn and solve multi-faceted technology problems.

Preferred Skills:

  • Experience in Multi View Geometry and 3D reconstruction and/or Photogrammetry
  • OpenGL/WebGL
  • SLAM
  • Computer Vision
  • Experience with Deep Neural Networks architectures (CNNs/GANs/RNNs) is a Big Plus