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Test Engineer (Power Electronics) at Joby Aviation
San Carlos, CA, US
Joby Aviation is seeking a motivated and organized Test Engineer to aid in validation and reliability testing of power electronics in propulsion inverter, battery management systems, and ethernet switch board. These tests would help validate design under various operating conditions and will help in evaluating the life of devices under various electrical stresses. In addition to tests, activities include supporting design team in non-destructive diagnostics and acceptance testing of airborne electronics before installation into aircraft.

  • Work closely with EE team to (1) identify test methods to characterize power electronic devices in various systems and (1) implement functional characterization tests that will provide feedback to design team. Examples of such tests include:
    1. Pyro-actuation characterization, and refinement of pyro-actuation emulator in the battery electronics
    2. Battery pack short circuit testing
    3. Contactor characterization
  • Create and implement acceptance test procedures for systems that will be installed on aircraft
    1. Production-intent calibration rigs for current and voltage measurement boards in battery electronics and propulsion inverters
    2. Function/acceptance testers for all battery electronics, ethernet switch, and propulsion inverter PCBAs.
  • Work closely with Reliability Engineer to implement electrical stress tests, that will aid in evaluating life of devices/systems under various electrical stresses
    1. Body diode lifetime characterization in switching devices used in propulsion inverter
    2. Lifetime of switching devices under power cycling conditions
    3. Characterization of gate voltage drift mechanism in switching devices
  • Develop LabView/Python scripts for test automation and in-situ data collection 
  • Failure and Root Cause Analysis of PCBAs in Battery electronics & Propulsion Inverter electronics (from validation, reliability, and field testing) 

Candidate should have experience with: 
  • Testing of discrete semiconductor switching devices (Power MOSFETs/IGBTs/SiCs/Power Diodes).
  • LabView/Python to aid in data collection.
  • Oscilloscopes, DAQ systems, power supplies, and load bank setup.
  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering or related discipline

Desirable Experience:
  • Prior experience in testing power conversion/battery management systems
  • PCB design (useful in designing PCBs that are useful for test setups).
  • Experience with HV systems.