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Accelerator Physicist at Lyncean Technologies
Fremont, CA, US

The Accelerator Physicist specifies, develops, models, and helps test accelerator and electron beam systems used in the Lyncean Compact EUV Source (CES) and Lyncean Compact Light Source (CLS) with guidance and assistance from the CTO and CSO. S/he will interface and provide guidance to the engineering team to translate designs into final product implementations and assist the engineering and manufacturing team to develop manufacturing and testing processes.


  1. Contribute to the overall design and parameter optimization of products
  2. Develop models relating to electron beam systems and verify their applicability through simulation and measurement
  3. Assist the RF Engineer in the design and implementation of injector systems which includes an RF gun, accelerators, magnet transport, and diagnostic systems
  4. Document designs, performance expectations and engineering requirements for designs
  5. Work with the Mechanical Engineering team to transfer designs to real, practical and cost-effective components including tolerances and functional specifications
  6. Lead the Characterization of electron beam subsystems and specify necessary instrumentation and sign-off on engineering implementation meeting requirements
  7. Lead and participate in preliminary and critical design reviews and drive design documentation
  8. Assist in specification and managing injector and storage ring feedback servo subsystems and control interfaces
  9. Manage testing and validation of performance characteristics for all electron beam components


  1. Self-directed, motivated and energetic team player with good communication skills
  2. Strong, hands-on understanding of practical accelerator and electron beam designs including modeling and analysis
  3. Ability to design and construct experiments and to generate and analyze associated data
  4. Demonstrated experience in troubleshooting complex systems in a well-documented and sequential manner


PhD in physics, specializing in Accelerator Physics and Development


Minimum 10 yrs experience with Accelerator systems and beam dynamics, including RF Guns, RF accelerators, magnet design, lattice design and commissioning