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HLS Design Engineer at LegUp Computing
Toronto, Ontario, CA

You will be designing complex real-life applications using the LegUp high-level synthesis compiler to implement on an FPGA. You will research applications amenable for FPGA acceleration and implement it on an on-premise or a cloud FPGA to achieve 10X+ speedup compared to a CPU. A great example of this can be found on our blog, where we implemented the world's fastest cloud-hosted memcached on an AWS F1 FPGA. 



  • Excellent programming skills. Proficient in C/C++.
  • Strong knowledge of digital design and in-depth working experience in using FPGAs.
  • Experience in using HLS tools is a definite plus.
  • Knowledge of machine learning models and experience in using ML frameworks (TensorFlow, Caffe, Theano) is a strong asset.
  • Knowledge of domain-specific languages such as P4 is an asset.