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Backend Engineer, ML team at Helpshift
San Francisco, CA, US
Are you a backend engineer who wants to learn data science and machine learning? Then this is the role for you! We will train you to work on production AI projects at Helpshift. These AI projects help our customers scale their customer service through automating mundane work as well as assisting customer service agents in doing their work.

About Helpshift

    • We are not an AI company looking for customers. We are a "customer service software" company where our customers are looking to us for AI features.
    • The challenge is that we are not building AI features for Helpshift, we are building AI features for Helpshift's customers, so the entire machine-learning process should be automated and work for any new customer who walks in. That is where your backend engineering skills come into the picture :-)

What You will Work On

    • You will continue working on Python, APIs, databases, background jobs, Kafka topics, cloud storage (on AWS and Azure), etc.

What you Will Learn

    • We have a fabulous data scientist team who will coach you and introduce you into the world of data science and machine learning. We have excellent engineering teammates who will guide you in your work.

What You Should Expect

    • The AI team is split between 2 offices - San Francisco and Pune, India. We have the broader engineering and product teams in the Pune office.
    • The AI team consists of 2 teams - data scientists (DS) and machine learning engineering (MLE). We are the MLE team.
    • Think of the MLE team's work as "ML infrastructure" + "productionizing data science algorithms". ML infrastructure work includes APIs, databases, background jobs, Kafka topics, cloud storage (on AWS and Azure), etc. Productionizing data science algorithms include taking the data scientists' prototypes and building a robust system that can go into production, and serve large-scale customers (think of the biggest gaming companies in the world, the biggest fintech companies in the world, and so on). You bring your programming skills and backend engineering skills, we will coach you on the rest.
    • We are small teams operating in a startup environment. Expect fast pace but regular working hours. We strive to deliver quality with speed. However, we will not sacrifice quality for speed.
    • We are transitioning to practice Agile iterations in developing software, ensuring a concrete deliverable at the end of every cycle.

What We Expect from You

    • 2+ years of medium / large scale server-side software development experience

How Big is Helpshift?

    • Helpshift is installed on over 2 billion devices - roughly 1 out of every 3 smartphones in the world.
    • We serve over 820 million active users and ~7 million conversations every month.
    • Some more numbers: 165000 requests per second, 50 ms response time, ~400GB data transfer every hour, 1000+ VMs deployed at peak