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Service Designer at Element AI
Toronto, CA

About Element AI 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are poised to transform nearly every industry. Organizations need to understand what AI means for their business and implement effective AI products and solutions faster than their competitors. As one of the world’s leading applied AI companies, Element AI engages large organizations to unlock opportunity, design AI products and deploy the solutions needed to build an AI-first organization. As part of a global AI community Element AI aims to help define the principles, priorities, and trajectory of the most important technology in a generation and ensure its application benefits people first.

Industry Solutions at Element AI

Element AI is focused on building a new category for enterprize AI software. Element AI’s Industry Solutions team delivers the services our clients need to create the conditions necessary to transform their organization with AI. Specifically, the Industry solutions team works with customers to develop their AI strategy (vision and roadmap), deploy our products as industry specific AI solutions that drive our customers’ strategic objectives. 

Design at Element AI

As a Service Designer, you will be a part of Element AI’s cross-functional Design Group. As a core component of Element AI’s model, designers work in multidisciplinary teams from strategy, to product, to solution development and deployment. We represent a diverse and hybrid set of skills with experience across a range of human-centered design disciplines, including: design research, innovation strategy, brand strategy, systems design, workshop facilitation, communication/visual design, UX/UI design, behavioural design, applied social science, and front-end development. Together we aim to shape the trajectory and application of AI for the better, and ensure the problems we solve and the AI products we build matter to the people they serve. Ultimately, we believe that being leaders in an AI-centered future demands that we lead in the design of human-centred AI.

As a member of the Service Design team you will support Industry Solutions and our customers from end to end in order to educate and align key stakeholders, identify the right problems to solve with AI, prioritize where to start, understand and design for user and stakeholder needs and ultimately deliver AI solutions that are desirable, viable and feasible for our clients. Given the diverse nature of our work, you will work with and learn from every part of the organization, continuously adapting your skills to new contexts, businesses, people, and outcomes. 

As a rapidly growing organization, we are looking to grow our design teams in both Montreal and Toronto. We are excited to meet candidates interested in contributing to the end-to-end development of breakthrough AI applications and the AI + Design community.

Roles and Responsibilities

Shared responsibilities within Industry Solutions:

  • Help build organizational competency, insight, and alignment around our core product strategy. 
  • Design and deliver vision, roadmap and solution engagements that create significant value for EAI and our clients. 
  • Designing AI applications/products that work in socially complex, real-world contexts 
  • Rigorous consideration of the problems we are solving and the end user experience in every element of our work. 
  • Support industry and product foresight research to identify drivers of change and build scenarios that strategically inform industry visions and product strategy and client engagements. 
  • Work closely with clients to gather information about their business strategy, processes, and data assets 
  • Work with our business and institutional partners to support the local AI ecosystem. 
  • Support business development efforts for new clients. 
  • Deliver client experiences, deliverables, and products that carry the polish our Fortune 1000 clients expect.

Role specific responsibilities for Service Designers:

  • Provide human-centred design leadership and execution on all engagements and build broad understanding and appreciation for the interdependence of design, technology, and business in the delivery of new value to the market 
  • Increase the speed and fidelity of our learning from market opportunity through solution development and deployment 
  • Design, plan and execute qualitative design research, including participatory workshops, ethnography, observational studies, in-depth interviews, user testing to inform AI roadmap and solution development engagements. 
  • Collaborate with, and facilitate alignment between, clients, business strategy and applied AI researchers 
  • Synthesize compelling insights/stories from research data to help frame the right client and user problem to solve. 
  • Build alignment and bring AI concepts and value propositions to life through user journeys/flows, system illustrations, storyboards, wireframes, and other visual prototypes as needed. 
  • Map human, social and technical systems to help illustrate an AI solution’s requirements and architecture. 
  • Continuously assess and ensure the ethical and inclusive application of AI. 
  • Participate in the development and dissemination of thought leadership at the intersection of AI and Design 
  • Contribute to the development of a culture obsessed with the human and social impact of everything we do and build. 

Education and Experience

  • Undergraduate and/or master’s degree in related design, technical and business disciplines. 
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of work experience in a client facing role (i.e., innovation/design consulting, product owner/designer, design researcher, etc.) 
  • Demonstrated interest and engagement in leading-edge technology and the role of AI 
  • Experience with entrepreneurial dynamics – either in a work setting and/or through extracurricular activities. 
  • Deep expertise (not general interest) in design thinking and human-centered design methodologies. 
  • Experience with the procurement, design, customization and/or deployment of enterprise software is an asset 
  • Comfort using/applying visual design/prototyping tools including Adobe CS, Sketch, InVision, etc. that enable effective visual communication and an appreciation for the role of good communication design. 
  • Profession experience working in or serving industries such as financial services, insurance, manufacturing, retail, transportation/logistics, cyber security is a bonus.

Mindsets and capabilities

  • A self-starter with an ability to excel in a dynamic, ever-changing environment. 
  • A thoughtful and conscientious thinker who puts people first. 
  • Comfort navigating and creating clarity in ambiguous environments and structures. 
  • An agile thinker who quickly understands new domains and identifies opportunities to apply existing knowledge. 
  • Able to engage and communicate effectively at different levels of seniority and technical vs. business fluency. 
  • Excellent organizational skills with efficient time management and the ability to prioritize work effectively. 
  • A model and champion for effective collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams that include designers, researchers, business strategists, project managers, applied AI researchers, and AI developers. 
  • Exceptional communication skills and presentation skills. 
  • A demonstrated passion for technology & AI and its potential impact on society 
  • You should be willing to travel often.