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Battery Algorithms Engineer - San Carlos at Joby Aviation
San Carlos, CA, US

Joby Aviation is seeking an experienced Algorithms Engineer with background in battery modeling & battery state estimation (SoC, SoE, Max. Power etc), to join our battery team. Battery Algorithms engineer’s main responsibility would be two-fold. First, contribute in the development of algorithms for (1) in flight battery pack state estimation, (2) optimal battery pack charging, (3) prediction of incipient thermal runaway condition (i.e. battery safety algorithm). Second, code the algorithms that will work in-flight such that the codes are FAA certifiable. Implicit responsibilities include working with test engineers to decide cell-level tests necessary to model cell-behavior in intended use conditions and perform V&V testing of developed algorithms.


·       Contribute in the development of:
o   Battery pack state estimation algorithm
o   Optimal charging algorithm
o   Battery safety algorithm
·       Contribute in the development of battery pack models for flight simulator.
·       Work with powertrain systems simulator in fault injected simulation studies to aid in understanding aircraft behavior in the event of battery faults.
·       Work with controls team in supporting battery pack balancing framework.
·       Work closely with Cell Test Engineers in describing cell-level characterization tests. Additionally, once tests are conducted work with Cell Test Engineers to analyze test data.
·       Work with software certification team in ensuring battery algorithms that are necessary for safe flight operations are certifiable by the FAA.

Candidate should have experience with:

·       Knowledge of standard cell-level characterization tests and parameter estimation methods.
·       Knowledge of basic operation of battery electrochemistry and battery pack’s electrical and thermal behavior.
·       Prior experience in implementing statistical filters (Kalman Filter, EKF, Particle Filter) for battery state estimation.
·       Matlab/Simulink experience is a must. C++ knowledge is a plus.
·       Fundamental electrochemistry-based battery modeling (e.g. single particle model) experience is an added advantage. 
·       Pack-level algorithm development experience is preferred.

·       Knowledge of basic verification & validation testing of developed algorithms.