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Autonomy Algorithm Engineer at Joby Aviation
Santa Cruz, CA, US

This position involves developing, testing and deploying algorithms for autonomous flight. Specifically, using inertial sensors, cameras, lidar, and radar for state estimation and localization. The engineer will play a key role in a small, fast-moving team and have input to conceptual system architectural design and implementation of embedded software to ensure safety of an electric-powered, fly-by-wire aircraft.

Qualified candidates will have most of:
  • M.S. or PhD in aerospace engineering or computer science, or related field. 
  • 3+ years industry experience architecting and developing guidance, navigation and/or control systems.
  • Expert knowledge of C++. 
  • Expertise in probabilistic estimation theory, nonlinear optimization, and filtering.
  • Expert knowledge of object-oriented programming methodology and multi-layer system architectures. 
  • Experience in design, integration and calibration of multi-sensor vehicle rigs.
  • Experience developing multi-sensor state estimation and localization algorithms with real-world data.
  • Experience determining and resolving sensor failures in challenging environments.
  • Experience developing parallel algorithms using OpenCL or CUDA. 
  • Basic understanding of version control technologies. 
  • Understanding of DO-178C or safety critical software. 

Note: Please attach a portfolio highlighting relevant experience to your resume and cover letter. Applications without a cover letter and portfolio (unless one is unavailable due to, e.g., intellectual property constraints) will not be considered.