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VP, Engineering at SecurityScorecard
New York City, NY, US


The head of engineering is responsible for engineering product delivery. This position reports to the CTO and will be responsible for the engineering team. Close collaboration will be necessary with product management, architecture, product operations, threat intelligence and program management to ensure orderly and efficient engineering delivery. A suitable candidate is passionate about building high-performance teams, mentoring engineers and optimizing the engineering delivery process. The primary responsibility of this role is operational management of the engineering organization.

The SecurityScorecard platform is comprised of a worldwide network of sensors that are constantly gathering data, both passively and actively, about the state of every device connected to the Internet. By analyzing this data and leveraging deep knowledge and understanding of core Internet protocols SecurityScorecard is able to identify and track the security posture of any company in the world. This task poses hard problems from various areas: high performance computation, distributed computation, statistical modeling, etc.

The SecurityScorecard team is a fully distributed workforce that spans four continents with primary development areas in New York, Argentina and the Czech Republic. A successful candidate will be comfortable with managing a fully distributed workforce, comfortable in a multicultural and international environment with an ability to travel as necessary between the primary work locations.


  • Technical
    • 15+ years experience building enterprise or carrier products
    • Strong knowledge of distributed systems and high performance computing
    • Strong ability to decompose large complex systems
    • Passionate commitment to agile development principles
    • Experience building security products
    • Principled thinking/reasoning - not defined by tools of the day
  • Management
    • 10+ years managing medium to large engineering teams
    • 5+ years reporting to C-Level officers
    • Passion for designing teams and developing people
    • Excellent conflict management and resolution skills
    • Strong and effective communicator
    • VC backed technology startup experience
  • Educational
    • MS in CS / EE or equivalent
    • Demonstrated passion for personal investment and growth


  • Team building and organizational design
    • Continuous career development of engineers - individual contributor and supervisory tracks
    • Continuously update the team structure based on evolving needs of the business
    • Forecasting, budgeting and planning infrastructure and headcount
    • Maintain strong relationships with peer functions: product management, program management, architecture, product operations, customer success and sales engineering
    • Recruit and develop top engineering talent
  • Product Delivery
    • Design and continuous improvement on engineering delivery process
    • Ensure  effective resource allocation of engineering resources
    • Mature the engineering leads ability to facilitate the delivery process
    • Effectively communicate the state of the delivery pipeline to all parties
    • Identification of constraints whether skills or resource based


  • Technologies
    • Languages: GoLang (Data Gathering & Orchestration), C++ (ETL & HPC), Scala (Analytics), Javascript (UI) and Python (Operations Glue).
    • Datastores: Postgres, Redis, Mongo, AWS S3, & HDFS.
    • Schedulers: HTCondor & Airflow.
    • Operations Tooling: Kubernetes, Jenkins, DataDog, PagerDuty,
    • Infrastructure: AWS Cloud & ISP Colocation for bare metal.
  • Operations
    • Global availability, sun never sets operations and support
    • In-Region to In-Country low latency data delivery
  • Management
    • Communications: Email, Slack, Zoom & Trello.
    • Workflow & Knowledge Base: Github, Jira, & Confluence.
    • Engineers: 25 (EoY 2018) -> 40 (EoY 2019), distributed workforce (North America, South America & Europe)
    • Key Stakeholder Partners: Product Management, Product Operations, Chief Architect, Program Management, Customer Success, Sales Engineering & CTO
    • Travel: As necessary to office locations (NYC, Prague & Buenos Aires)