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Site Reliability Engineer at Bossa Nova Robotics
Pittsburgh, PA, US

At Bossa Nova we create service robots for the global retail industry. Our robots’ mission is to make large scale stores run efficiently by automating the collection and analysis of on-shelf inventory data. We drive autonomously through aisles, navigating safely among customers and store associates. 

Oh, we should add, it’s real, happening today, you can meet our robots in some of the world’s biggest retailers.

Position: Robot Platform- Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) 

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

The BossaNova Robotics platform team is looking for Site Reliability Engineers to help keep robots alive and moving. We hire high quality engineers with a diverse set of experiences and skill sets for positions concerning robot reliability. The ideal candidates wants to work on a very distributed system using the full range of software engineering competencies in order to reduce the mean time to failure of various components of our robotics platform

What'll you will do

  • Spend no more than 50% of your time triaging and supporting production issues.
  • Improve the observability of the robotics system through computation and aggregation at the "Edge"
  • Capture interesting data from the field to include in automated test regressions and simulations
  • Design A/B testing and canary rollouts over a fleet of robots


  • Strong network security fundamentals such as PKI or Zero-Trust security
  • Understands modern networking: HTTP, MQTT, DNS, TCP/IP, Subnetting and Load Balancing.
  • Distributed systems experience:  Service oriented architectures, microservices, and  twelve factor compliant apps.
  • Experience with or excitement about managing thousands of devices using configuration management tools such as Ansible or Puppet.
  • Deep understanding of the Linux Operating System, including: Kernel, Memory, Process, Threads, Static / Shared Libraries, IPC, Signals.
  • Ability to program either Python 2.7/3.5  or C++ 14


  • Container ecosystem experience such as Docker or Kubernetes
  • Software defined networking using VLAN or similar
  • Machine learning ecosystem experience such as: Tensorflow or Pytorch
  • Experience with an observability system: ELK, Dapper or other tracing and metrics platforms.
  • Test automation especially with Hardware in the loop