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Battery Electrochemical Engineer at Joby Aviation
San Carlos, CA, US

Located in Northern California, the Joby Aviation team has been steadily working toward our goal of providing safe, affordable, fully electric air transportation that is accessible to everyone. Imagine an air taxi that takes off vertically, then quietly and quickly carries you over the congestion below, giving you back that time you’d otherwise spend sitting in traffic. Technology has advanced to the point where designing and operating an all-electric aircraft is completely viable. Our team has been discreetly designing and flight testing this vehicle and is looking for talented individuals to see it through certification and high rate production.

About the Job
Joby Aviation is seeking an experienced Battery-Electrochemical Modeling Engineer with a background in Li-battery first principles modeling and applications to electric vehicles. Battery-Electrochemical Modeling Engineer’s main responsibility would be to deliver models that predict (a) power capability of Joby battery packs across the operating regime, (b) lifetime performance & degradation, and (c) charge capability to inform fast charge algorithm development. These models and insights will be pivotal in understanding the existing product’s capabilities and designing new battery packs with better performance, accelerating the adoption of clean and safe flight.

  • Develop electrochemical model to accurately predict power capability of Li-Ion cells under various conditions (e.g. as a function of SoC, temperature, and current).
  • Develop model to accurately predict lifetime.
  • Expand electrochemical model to predict charge performance capabilities of Li-Ion cells, Including Li-plating phenomenon.
  • Continuously tune and validate models with data taken from the field and in the lab.
  • Work closely with Cell Test Engineers in describing cell-level characterization tests and to analyze test data.
  • Develop simplified models that can be run on the aircraft in conjunction with full order offline models in an automated manner.
  • Develop models that would replicate battery behavior in flight simulator.
  • Work with design, test, and certification engineers to ensure the battery is being operated as safe as possible.
  • M.S. or PhD in Chemical Engineering or similar field resulting in a deep fundamental knowledge of electrochemistry.
  • 5+ years of experience developing electrochemical models.
  • Experience with different battery models and exhibit knowledge on their limitations (P2D, SPM, etc).
  • Proficient with modeling techniques/tools (Comsol, matlab, etc.).
  • Ability to deploy models in the cloud and in a continuous integration fashion.
  • Experience with optimization techniques, used in fine tuning model parameters.
  • Experience with cell testing and equipment (Arbin, Maccor, etc.).
  • Experience with data analysis tools (Python, Matlab, etc.).
  • Experience with developing models for embedded environments.
  • Exposure to numerical fitting techniques.
  • Exposure to machine learning algorithms and where they can be applied.