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Battery Safety Engineer at Joby Aviation
San Carlos, CA, US

Joby Aviation is seeking an engineer to help make our batteries the safest in the industry.  This person will lead our battery safety effort and drive aspects of our battery pack and vehicle designs.  This person will also develop tests that will push our technology and help define the standards for eVTOL.  The testing will encompass the full range of abuse—thermal, electrical, and mechanical—of individual cells and full scale battery packs, including propagation and short circuiting.  

We are looking for a hardworking, innovative, and talented person to help round out our team and influence safety for the entire vehicle.  The candidate should be familiar with safety testing requirements from one of the standards organizations, e.g. UN 38.3, SAE 2464, RTCA DO-311.  This person will also help us find proper external facilities and build out our internal test capabilities.  The ideal candidate also has knowledge of electrochemistry and can assist with our cell development effort. 

·        BS or MS in engineering (mechanical, chemical)
·        2+ years working in a lab setting
·        Must be hands-on (assembly, fabrication/modification, instrumentation, wiring)
·        Experience with instrumentation and data acquisition


·        Experience initiating lithium ion cells and/or modules/packs
·        Experience testing propagation of full battery packs
·        Experience specifying and installing National Instruments test equipment
·        Labview programming
·        Experience using CAD, CATIA preferred
·        CFD or thermal modeling skills