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Process Engineer, Lens Manufacturing at North
Waterloo City, Ontario, CA

You have  a thorough understanding of all modern ophthalmic manufacturing systems, processes, products, and practices. You are comfortable working with all process machinery, machinery communications protocols, lens calculation software, LMS use and configurations, lens quality analysis, hard coating and AR coating systems and processes, and precision automated lens centering and edging machinery. You can efficiently neutralize prescriptions with auto and manual lens meter systems and understand the results at an advanced level. You understand optical tolerances and can make objective decisions based on measured results. You are a person that people love to work with. You enjoy sharing your knowledge and are a patient and positive mentor to your peers. You have an avid interest in emerging technology and want to share your experience as we build the future’s products today.

What you’ll do:

  • Assist with the development, build, and commissioning of a non-conventional modern ophthalmic production facility
  • Assist with the development and deployment of a smooth and efficient process flow
  • Assist with the manufacturing and daily quality analysis and reporting of products produced
  • Educate your fellow team members in ophthalmic lens analysis and production processes
  • Use your extensive ophthalmic manufacturing skills to assist in the development of current and emerging products
  • Develop standard operating procedures
  • Use root cause analysis processes to discover and resolve systemic problems
  • Use your personal people network to help recruit and build our team with the very best in the industry
  • Become proficient at each process step and be willing to help wherever needed

What you'll need:

  • Extensive experience working in a modern ophthalmic manufacturing facility
  • Experience working with all machinery and software used in modern ophthalmic manufacturing processes
  • Natural logical deductive problem resolution skills
  • Methods to  resolve machine and process issues efficiently
  • Experience using and maintaining commercial LMS systems
  • Optician level skills in neutralizing prescription lenses, both mounted and unmounted
  • A team oriented work style and the highest of respect and professionalism towards your work family

Bonus points for:

  • Knowledge of Serial and TCP data communication protocols
  • Knowledge of the VCA data communication protocol
  • Opticians licensing (current or otherwise)
  • Experience with the Innovations LMS system
  • AR coating lab experience. Previous AR and / or hard coating training
  • Equipment repair and maintenance training from Schneider, MEI, A&R, SatisLoh, Leybold, or others
  • A wide network of technical ophthalmic manufacturing contacts
  • People leadership experience