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Guidance, Navigation & Control (GNC) Engineer at Joby Aviation
Santa Cruz, CA, US

This position involves developing, testing and deploying algorithms for the guidance, navigation and control of an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. The unprecedented control authority and long-range capability of our aircraft pose unexplored GNC problems that require novel and challenging solutions. The engineer will play a key role on a fast-moving team in providing input to conceptual system architectural design and implementation of embedded software to ensure the safety of our electric-powered, fly-by-wire aircraft.

Qualified candidates will have most of:
  • Graduate degree in aerospace engineering or a related field. 
  • 10+ years industry experience developing guidance, navigation and/or control systems.
  • Expert knowledge of C++ or MATLAB/SIMULINK. 
  • Expertise in probabilistic estimation theory, nonlinear optimization, and filtering with real world data.
  • Expertise in state space and optimal control theory. 
  • Experience in implementing non-linear control systems. 
  • Experience in implementing Kalman Filters and sensor failure detection.
  • Understanding of DO-178C or safety critical software.