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Software Engineer (Machine Learning) at LeapMind
Tokyo, JP

Deep Learning training and inference require a lot of computational resources. On the other hand, there are not a few restrictions of power consumption and computational resources on the environment where Deep Learning could be applied. In LeapMind, we are developing Deep Learning technology for wide range of Machine Learning use which does not adapt high power needed GPU and low complexity but high precision. For example, we are succeed to make practical Neural Network which was not useable for certain devices till today working on low power consumption and low cost FPGA with high speed by quantizing the Neural Network till accuracy less than 8 bit. (reference: [News]).

We are seeking for talented engineers who involve into product development which has high practicality and could be used at wide range of environment.


  • Develop a model and technique of  new Deep Learning which has high precision and low computational complexity
  • Develop high-speed neural network inference engine in embedded environment
  • Read, implement and verify state-of-the-art research papers
  • Develop practical products by collaborating with team members who have various backgrounds and skills

Minimum Qualification

  • BS degree in computer science or related technical fields, or equivalent practical experience
  • Working skills of machine learning obtained through using, developing, or applying it
  • Experience with coding in Python
  • Proficiency with Linux development environment
  • Communication in English or Japanese

Preferred Qualification

  • Experience with coding in C++
  • Experience with Tensorflow, PyTorch, or Chainer
  • 2+ years of machine learning and/or work related industry experience
  • Master or Ph.D. degree in computer science or related technical fields, or equivalent practical experience
  • Experience in team development and/or OSS projects