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Software Developer - Human Computer Interaction at Element AI
Montreal, CA
  • How does touching information feel?
  • Does data have a face, and if so, what does it look like?
  • Can you sense anomalies in your production line as you would a disturbance in the Force?
  • How do you configure an AI system without explicitly configuring it, but instead letting it get to know you, and the way you work?
  • When do you delegate tasks to AI, and when do you jump back in?

Ultimately, how does our work evolve in collaboration with AI in the most natural and ethical way?

These are some of the questions you’ll ponder as a Technical Lead on the Human-AI Interaction (HAII) team at Element AI. In fact, you’ll do more than ponder: your mission will be to find the answers through rapid experimentation. You’ll explore the best ways for human-AI teams to work together, alongside a small crew of awesome, super-committed people from diverse backgrounds.

We’re looking for

You are a neophile; you love trying and learning new things. You are creative and love the challenge of finding deeply different approaches and framings to novel problems, you don't just apply existing patterns. You are driven by shared vision and values more than process.

You are able to hold dichotomies in your head comfortably - for example, you can be both afraid and un-afraid of taking risks. You aren’t nervous about breaking stuff, though you do it with intention and care. You are both autonomous and collaborative. Making mistakes doesn’t make you apprehensive - you know that it’s the fastest way to learning, so long as it causes no harm.

Oh, and speaking of comfort - you eat it for breakfast, and go on to swim in uncertainty for the rest of the day. Comfortably.

What you’ll do

Experience and self-sufficiency are important. You’ll probably work in Python, or maybe Go, but what really matters are the outcomes. We’re looking for people who are more interested in defining exactly how to get things done rather than being handed a to-do list. You’ll help our team implement experiments one day, and work on plumbing things together the next. You will discover and/or come up with new ways to creatively solve data problems. In a pinch, you’ll implement “programmer art” user interfaces. In short, you’ll help us move forward to value in the best way that you possibly can, without ego.

A few months after you’ve joined the team, we could very well be delivering a prototype combining machine learning, speech- and video- recognition, brain-computer interfaces, and natural user experience design, that we will test with a small group of internal users. They’ll love it because it will make their complex jobs more manageable. Exactly what problem will this prototype solve? We have a lot of ideas, but don’t worry - you’ll be key to figuring that out once you join.

Eventually, you’ll add technical team members to our crew to increase experiment velocity. But first, you’ll get your hands very (very!) dirty.

What we offer for your valuable work

  • Highly dynamic, innovative, passionate, entrepreneurial team;
  • Open and inclusive company culture;
  • Worldwide competitive salary;
  • Participation in the company success through the Employee Stock Option Plan;
  • Flexible hours (outside of core hours);
  • Autonomous, self-managed Agile teams.

What is Element AI

Element AI is one of the world’s largest applied artificial intelligence companies and one of Canada’s fastest growing startups. We constantly push the frontier of knowledge, tackling the world's biggest and most interesting challenges in artificial intelligence, machine learning and operations research.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.