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Software Engineer (Feature Engineering & Data Transformation) at DataRobot
Boston, MA, US / Kyiv, UA / Singapore / Lviv, UA

DataRobot is one of the fastest growing AI companies in the world that helps enterprises build better predictive models faster.

We are currently looking for Software Engineers with the background in Feature Engineering and Data Transformation to join our team in Singapore. 

This position is primarily about implementing very efficient tools and workflows for doing large-scale feature engineering and data manipulation. Having prior experience with data transformation tool development or large scale feature engineering pipelines is a big plus.

Along the way, you will develop comprehensive automated testing to ensure the product is reliable and scalable. You will handle issues and fix bugs promptly to minimize disruption to users as we roll out these state of the art pipelines while also maintaining backwards compatibility. Pairing with and mentoring colleagues is a must. We are a very collaborative team.

You should be interested in, and capable of building and maintaining complex systems. You should be highly-motivated, capable of working independently, and proficient in the following areas:

  •  Knowledgeable about feature engineering and data manipulation
  • Python programming (python 2 and 3)
  • MongoDB / NoSQL Databases
  • SQL / Traditional Databases
  • Data manipulation using Python tools
  • Familiar with Linux operating system
  • Familiarity with collaborative development, including code reviews. Either in a commercial or open source environment
  • Strong desire to build efficient and useful tools

 Experience in the following areas would be a plus, but not necessary:

  • Java / Scala / C++ and associated project management tools (e.g. maven, sbt)
  • Data manipulation using Spark or other distributed processing technologies
  • Familiar with the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Linux shell scripting
  • Jenkins or other Continuous Integration platform
  • Zookeeper
  • AWS technology
  • Worked in a start-up environment