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QA Engineer at R3CEV
London, GB
At R3, we believe that distributed ledger technology (DLT) has the potential to transform several industries, the finance industry included. Our team comprises proven thought-leaders in the DLT space who have been selected for their craftsmanship, passion and expertise. Our DLT platform, Corda, has demonstrated huge potential in the market so far, and as we keep pursuing our ambitious goals in this challenging space, the quality of our software stack will be paramount to our success.
Corda offers a solid foundation for enterprises that want to leverage the promises of DLT, some of which are automatic recording and management of agreements, friction-free transaction for contractual purposes, elimination of laborious and expensive reconciliation efforts, and so on. The QA Engineer will be responsible for testing our platform as a whole and will have a direct impact on the quality of the entire software stack that R3 delivers.
Due to essential requirements around correctness and privacy, and the fact that applications built top of stack depend on a reliable, stable and performant platform, this role offers challenging opportunities for a QA Engineer who wants to take on responsibility for and ownership of the overall product quality. Corda is a developer platform, meaning that this is an opportunity for a detail-oriented QA Engineer to delight the top-of-stack developers and operational personnel by providing them with a high-quality experience, spanning areas like error recovery, fault tolerance, data consistency and security.
The successful candidate will have hands-on programming experience and a willingness to test methodically and consistently alongside prototyping and experimentation. They are comfortable developing and executing functional and non-functional tests at all levels. They will have a fastidious attitude to hunting down defects, edge cases and race conditions, and be able to share these with their software engineering peers in an accurate, concise and meaningful way, and in some cases fix and retest the defect. They are expected to be diligent and effective in assessing risk and impact, and to produce plans to address and mitigate identified risks. 
They will have a track record of correctly selecting automated or manual testing techniques as appropriate for the individual test case and be experienced in working across an entire platform implementation with a willingness to deeply understand and own particular areas. They will have experience working in enterprise software firms where releases, software development lifecycles and PRs are the backbone of their work. The majority of their engineering experience will be from working in agile environments where software engineers, testers, product managers and DevOps work closely together.


    • Participate in and support the development programme required to validate the architectural, functional and operational requirements and specifications of Corda
    • Capture and understand all changes of each deliverable prior to release in order to remain acutely aware of recent changes to Corda
    • Create and execute test plans which span a product’s lifecycle and cover usability, design and engineering quality assurance
    • Capture defects accurately and consistently and, in some cases, be prepared to recommend corrective action so software engineering peers can resolve issues exactly and efficiently
    • Display flexibility under changing priorities and a willingness to work alongside the software engineering team to achieve common objectives
    • Partner with the Product Management and Software Engineering peers to understand the developed features' purpose and business use to complete test planning, definition and execution
    • Identify opportunities for efficiency and development process improvements including but not limited to the use of off-the-shelf tooling, assessing quality on an ongoing basis and the adoption of best practices
    • Self-starter who is comfortable with ambiguity


    • Deep and broad understanding of computer science and engineering principles, most likely obtained through a combination of advanced academic study and professional experience
    • 3+ years experience in an enterprise environment
    • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
    • Comfortable and able to work under pressure
    • Experience of working at multiple layers of the infrastructure and application stack - from systems/OS development through networking, middleware and application logic
    • Experience planning for and executing unit tests, integration tests, end-to-end system tests and non-functional tests